The story so far…

Trekking far below the concrete cityscape you’ve encountered stormwater drains, tunnels and unused bunkers on a quest to find the “mother of all tunnels”. Only known as “Anonymous”, you are a legend among “urban cavers” and a nuisance to authorities.

But on this night you have discovered a myth no one believed existed, a Tesseract Konstruct Laboratory.

The “tesseract” or “hypercube” or “4 dimensional cube” was theorized by Charles Howard Hinton in 1888. Conducting dangerous experiments in gravity manipulation and matter transfer, its believed that C. H. Hinton turned these theories into reality.

After a number of embarrassing failed demonstrations to private investors Hinton was forced underground (literally) to continue his work trying to harness the power of the tesseract.

Have you have discovered one of his many underground facilities?

Will you enter? If you enter, will you return?

[tesseract] is a first person puzzle creator for iPad. Download, play and rate levels. Build levels with an intuitive touch interface editor. Upload your creations to share and challenge your friends!!

Features include:
3D first person gameplay.
Intuitive touch interface level editor.

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