This is a great place to start to get you creating levels like in the screenshots. This walkthrough is specific to version 0.0.3. NOTE: Tesseract Network is disabled in the Main Menu in this version.

Getting started with Alpha version 0.0.3

  1. In the main menu touch the Konstruct table (white blocks) to enter the Konstruction menu.
  2. Create a new blank by tapping the trash can and press the tick box. This will add some text to the title and description.
  3. Touch the title text to open iPad keyboard and edit the title. You can do the same for the description.

Building a Konstruct

  1. Edit your Konstruct by touching the spanner and hammer icon.
  2. At the top of the screen you can touch to select different Segment brushes. At the top right it the erase segment (cube icon). NOTE: The eye dropper is malfunctioning do not use.
  3. At the bottom of the screen in the center is a 3D view and orientation of the Segment you are about to paint.
  4. Select a Segment and touch and drag on the white blocks to create a room. NOTE: Some of the segments in the closest corner have walls that sometimes appear, I’m working on a fix for this.
  5. Use the left side strip to move up and down levels. You can create taller rooms by placing segments above or below each other. The Konstruct is a total of 10x10x10 cubes. NOTE: There is a bug with the very bottom level  when you play the level. If you go into the lower level a ceiling appears and you can’t get out. No objects appear on the bottom level either. For the moment best to stay off the bottom level.

Editing a Segment – changing surface textures

  1. To edit a Segment brush touch the cube icon in the top left corner. You can toggle back and fourth between editing Segments and Konstructs with this button.
  2. Select the Segment brush you want to edit from the top thumbnail texture. This thumbnail is the floor texture of your brush.
  3. Select a wall, floor or ceiling surface to apply a texture to by touching that surface in the right side large Segment view. The surface will glow when it is selected. You can rotate the view to see and or select the back facing surfaces by pressing and holding the arrows below the large Segment view.
  4. Now that you have a selected glowing surface you can change its texture by touching one of the thumbnails on the left. NOTE: when changing to the texture tab the North wall is selected by default. Rotate your Segment view if you can’t see anything glowing.
  5. Checkout this info-graphic.

Editing a Segment – adding objects

  1. In edit segment mode touch the objects tab (its the cube,finger and cube inside a cube). This will display a grid of objects.
  2. To add an object touch and hold the icon of the object you want to add. Keep pressing to cycle through the different positions available and additional/different objects.
  3. Use the fast forward and rewind tabs to change the order or speed of the cycling objects. NOTE: use the rewind tab to quickly see what else might be available.
  4. There are some objects without icons. These are items in development, they may change position or object or even be removed during development.
  5. Here is an info-graphic that also might help.

Play testing my Konstruct

  1. You must have a player entry and exit. They are the 2 icons in the bottom left of the Segment editor, add objects tab. NOTE: This will avoid the black screen issue.
  2. Once you’ve added an entrance and exit you can press the green play button on the right middle of the screen to play test your Konstruct.
  3. While play testing you can take a screenshot of your Konsturct by touching the camera icon in the top left of screen. This image is used in the main menu with your level title and description.
  4. The first person controls are MOVE – drag left touch pad, LOOK – drag right touch pad, JUMP – double tap right touch pad and CROUCH – tap the man above the left touch pad to toggle between crouch and stand.
  5. To interact with items move close to them (NOTE: there is no interaction icon) and tap them to pickup. Tap to drop. And while holding an object press longer then release to throw and object further.
  6. Here is an info-graphic that might explain things a bit better.

Publishing/Playing my Konstruct
*** NOTE: In the final version you will NOT be able to publish your Konstruct unless your have validated it. In this version that is not required.

  1. To save your awesome Konstruct to the Explore menu go to the Konstruction menu from the main home menu.
  2. In the Konstruction menu you should now be able to see your level with it’s title, screenshot and description if you completed all those things.
  3. Tap the orange button on your level that has the floppy disk and down arrow. 6 thumbnails will appear, they are the levels in the Explore menu. Touch the one you want to overwrite. NOTE: There is no confirm yes/no option. So when you touch it, it’s overwritten.
  4. Now go back out to the main menu and into the Explore menu and your map will be there. NOTE: Only the Star rating and death toll stats are working in this version.
  5. NOTE: In future releases the Explore menu is where you will be able to upload your maps to the [tesseract] Network to share with your friends.
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