*** Levels you upload automatically appear in the download section of the game unless there is a problem with your title or description or in game messages.

** I can see people are trying to upload levels. Your screenshots are uploading but the map data doesn’t seem to be coming across. One glitch I discovered is using an apostrophe in the title or description or ingame messages. PLEASE if you could check that and try uploading again. Because the screenshots of your levels look awesome!! So please keep trying.

You upload your KONSTRUCT by test playing and completing a KONSTRUCT you’ve created. So play through you KONSTRUCT from start to finish when in the KONSTRUCTION menu.

If you have done all the things on the [CHECKLIST] you will be asked if you want to share your map. You will overwrite your previous map if you upload it again, so you can update you maps later.

This is how to complete the things on the checklist you can look at the checklist anytime during your test playing.

Title – You must change the title of your map from the default name. This is done in the home KONSTRUCTION menu by touching the title of the map your editing. That will open a keyboard. *** Note DO NOT use in your title, there is a bug that won’t let you upload your map. So if your title is It’s all about timing, change it to Its all about timing

Description – You must change the description of your map from the default description. This is done in the same way as you did with changing the title.  *** Note DO NOT use ‘ in your description. So if your title is It’s an awesome map, change it to Its an awesome map

Entry – Your KONSTRUCT must have an entry.

Exit – Your KONSTRUCT must have an entry.

Screenshot – You must have a screenshot that is taken when you test play your map.

1/1 Collected – If you have any collectables in your level you must have collected all of them.

Rated – You need to give you level a rating. This can only be done once you are at the exit of your level. *** Please note that there is a glitch with the rating at the moment. Please once you rate your map view the checklist to be sure rated is ticked.

Created by – You need to change your user name from “Anonymous” to whatever you like.

And if you have all that done when you rate and exit the KONSTRUCT you will be asked if you share your map.


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