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I’m taking the Ludum Dare October challenge!


I’ve decided to take break from [tesseract] development for the month of October and do the Ludum Dare and try and accelerate a project I was going to start next year!! So my apologies to those waiting for updates    

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Update v1.0 submitted… fingers crossed!


So my last update was rejected because it’s against App store policy to have Alpha or Beta versions on the store. I’m sure that’s in the terms and conditions… but who ever reads those…. I’ve done an update that takes

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Awards, reviews and a little update.


WOW some great news [tesseract] is a finalist in the Freeplay Awards 2012 – Best Technical Innovation! I’m totally stoked to be in consideration with other amazing indie developers! Also [tesseract] got a great write up in make sure you

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Update 0.0.4 now live!!


It’s been another steep learning curve to combine Unity, CGI, PHP, MySQL, www javascript calls, Hashing data and taking screenshots – uploading them – resizing them on the server, and finally downloading them all back to the iPad… But at

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Hi this is a great place to ask questions, please feel free to post questions here in the comments. And I’ll try and answer them by adding to this post. In the meantime I’ll try and answer some from the

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Update 0.0.4 progress


This is  just a quick post about where I’m up to with the next update and what I’m focussing on. The next update you WILL be able to upload and download maps. Currently I have all the functionality working and

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Update 0.0.3 submitted

Well it’s past midnight and I’ve just finished uploading update 0.0.3 to the appstore. It’s not perfect, but there are lots of things fixed and added. I have also removed or moved a few items so my apologies if it

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Name the game


In the midst of all the frantic updating and responses, I’ve noticed that a lot of testers refer to the game as KONSTRUCT. And that has really got me thinking that [tesseract], albeit the name of the fictional company in

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Deadly hazards coming in update 0.0.3

Enter at your own risk!

Explore #tesseractgame at your own risk…

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New stuff in update 0.0.3

Large glass panels added in update 0.0.3

#tesseractgame full height glass panels coming in update 0.0.3

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