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Hi my name is Douglas Warouw, I’m the sole designer/programmer of [tesseract]. Somewhere between raising a young family and working a day job my passion for this game was strong enough to get it to an Alpha Version. And hopefully in my spare time (usually about 2am once I have settled one of the kids) I’ll be able to get it to a paid Beta and maybe even Version 1…
This is a bit of history about me.
I’ve been a Broadcast Graphic Designer for nearly 20 years and a wannabe game developer for most of that time. I’m a 3D animator by trade having worked for ABC TV and worked on productions like NEWS, Election Coverage, Sport and Good Game (favourite show) and often spent a lot of time polishing other peoples projects. Since completing a Cert2 course in game programming at AIE I started getting serious about developing games.

Tesseract the game, I originally started making in FPSCreator, I can hear everyone groan. Yes there is a plethora of rubbish games made with FPSC but there have been some good ones too. And I still jump back into FPSC to knock up quick ideas for levels.

And that was my eureka moment… I enjoyed making levels as much as playing them and that’s what [tesseract] became. I want to share that joy of creating levels with a drag and drop and do it all on a mobile device. So you could sit on the bus, plane or submarine and just knock up a simple level that you could walk around inside.  And if you were connected to the net upload and download yours and other peoples creations.

My ultimate goal is to make [tesseract] a cross between Minecraft, Halo Forge and Portal, and if thats the feeling you get when you play [tesseract] , thats frigging awesome!!!

Thanks so much for even bothering to reading this far, the internet is a vast and engaging universe and I’m stoked that you deceide to spend some time looking and hopefully playing something I created.

Please feel free to contact me by leaving comments or email games@indiefps.com

cheers :)

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