Hi this is a great place to ask questions, please feel free to post questions here in the comments. And I’ll try and answer them by adding to this post. In the meantime I’ll try and answer some from the app store reviews.

From the App Stores:

If I can figure out how to upload places I’ll have a lot of maps out so look for my name-The GEI
Checkout the Upload KONSTRUCTS page for more info.

…I can’t seem to place different messages on the walls, whenever I place a second different one it will change the first one too…
The messaging system has a total of 4 wall messages and a 4 terminal messages. To add more messages you will need to cycle through all the positions till you get to the next message number indicated below the Segment view.

Its too slow too move around and look around but other than that it super awesome.
I’m still trying to optimise the gameplay. However its important to note that when you create a KONSTRUCT try not to use too many windows or fire or electricity. They will slow down your gameplay. I guess its a bit of an art in level design to use only what you need but still create something immersive.

I got a feeling though, that I need to redo the KONSTRUCT I made. When I open it to work on it, after a few moments, the app crashes.
One thing you can try  is to power off your iPad and restart it. That might fix it. Although if you have used some of the old objects that were hidden in the first release they may be broken now… sorry. And that could be the problem. My apologies if you have to trash a KONSTRUCT that you had been working on.

Epic! Still need to add guns and enemies.
Enemies are coming however you will never be holding a gun… your brain is your weapon… and I don’t mean using the FORCE :)

all u get is a freakin black screen.
That should be fixed in the latest update. However you will still need to add an entrance otherwise you may spawn outside the KONSTRUCT… thats the black screen.

Its very good but how do you download other maps ?
Map downloading and uploading will be available in the next release.

I did notice you can put items in your inventory however you can’t access that :) 
If by inventory you mean the segment editor, press and hold the the image of the object you want. It will cycle through different positions and objects.

A tutorial is vital. I have no idea what the hell I’m doing.
Very true I need to time to get some tutorials together, hopefully this page might help.

when erasing a block in konstruct mode, sometimes a wall cannot be erased
I know of that issue, I’m trying to chase it down.

camera in konstruct mode cannot be moved.
Sorry I need to put labels on the left and right bottom corner touch pads in KONSTRUCTION. Left corner is move/track the camera, right corner is rotate camera around the white dot. Also use the left strip to move up and down levels.

[tesseract] is a first person puzzle creator for iPad. Download, play and rate levels. Build levels with an intuitive touch interface editor. Upload your creations to share and challenge your friends!! Features include: 3D first person gameplay - Intuitive touch interface level editor.

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